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Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa) is a tropical evergreen tree in the coffee family native to Southeast Asia where it has been used in traditional medicine for at least the past 250 years. The leaves of the tree are dried out, often times then ground up and made into a powder.  This old world medicine has made its way to the US and has been gaining in popularity for the past several years.  Many people enjoy effects ranging from stimulant and euphoria to sedation and pain killing properties.

The dried leaves or powder are typically ingested as a hot tea or using a method commonly known as “toss & wash”.  Dosage ranges from one person to the next but are typically in the range of 2 grams up to 10 grams however some people require more and others enjoy the effects on less. Weight, tolerance and other physiological factors can all play a part in the dosage that works best for each individual.  Fortunately, there are no known cases of physical danger from too high a dose besides nausea.

When the Kratom leaves are harvested to be dried, they are separated by the color of the vein on the leaf which can be either White, Green, or Red.

White and Green vein strains are know for their stimulant properties with Whites being considered slightly more energizing.  Green vein provides improved focus and stamina.  Whites and Greens have also been reported to help with anxiety and depression symptoms for some.

Red vein strains are more calming with sedative and analgesic properties.  Red vein strains are often used for pain relief and have even become popular with people seeking an all-natural remedy to help with opiate detoxing.  Feelings of euphoria and relaxation are quite common with Reds.


Red Blend Kratom -

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