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Kratom As An Appetite Regulator

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Kratom has many uses, from pain management to anxiety relief to…appetite regulator? While there is much information about the first two, a lesser known benefit from kratom is in fact its ability to aid in regulating appetite — whether you’re looking to eat more or less.

Because the efficacy of a kratom dosage can be impaired by the presence of a full stomach, many tout the benefits of taking kratom without food. Those who prefer kratom on an empty stomach also often report that their appetite has been suppressed. Research has found that this could result from kratom’s influence upon central nervous system activation, hormone secretion, neurochemistry, and/or gut microbiota.

While the chemical reasons for appetite suppression can change from individual to individual and from variations between kratom strains, there is also the fact that for those who ingest kratom in dried or powder form versus liquid tea, there is a lot of plant matter entering the digestive system. It’s essentially a big ball of fiber that will make you feel full.

But kratom doesn’t just suppress appetite. Those who take a dose after a meal often report an increase in appetite. This effect has been attributed to the stimulation of stomach acid and digestion following the ingestion of kratom.

But no matter when you take kratom, research has found that over the long term, the majority of kratom users gain weight because, just like with opioids, users will experience sugar cravings from glycemic dysregulation.

So how can you use kratom best to regulate your appetite? If you’re looking to lose weight, the energizing and stimulating properties of white and green strains are your best bet — especially when taken on an empty stomach. However, if you are trying to eat more, the sedative qualities of red strains, especially when ingested after eating a meal, have ben found to increase appetite.

Finally, no matter whether you’re looking to lose or gain weight, be sure to opt for healthy, whole foods when you do eat. Skipping too many meals or overindulging on processed and sugary foods will not only ruin your kratom experience, but also wreak havoc on your wellbeing.

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