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Six Petitions You Need To Sign To Keep Kratom Legal

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Food and Drug Administration Scott Gottlieb recently issued a “public health advisory related to mounting concerns regarding risks associated with the use of kratom” that utilizes misinformation and fabricated “data” to sway public opinion about kratom, a plant that has helped countless addicts kick their opiate habit safely and naturally. Gottlieb, who once tried to help a pharmaceutical company, Cephalon, obtain more fentanyl despite the company being under investigation at the time for pushing doctors to prescribe the drug for headaches and back pain, is trying to scare the public when it comes to kratom, undoubtedly because its effectiveness and inability to be patented threatens his pals in the pharmaceutical industry. This means that once again, kratom is under threat of being made illegal by the federal government.

Last year, the Drug Enforcement Agency tried to ban kratom and place it in Schedule I. However, thanks to support from citizens and members of Congress, the DEA backed down. But now Commissioner Gottlieb’s ridiculous “advisory” is signaling another fight for kratom.

You can do your part and voice your opinion by signing the six major kratom petitions below and sharing them on social media:

Petition 1

Petition 2

Petition 3

Petition 4

Petition 5

Petition 6

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