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The Differences Between Red And Green Kratom

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If you’re new to the world of kratom, you probably have noticed that it’s usually marketed as either “red” or “green.” That’s because despite the fact that all kratom is Mitragyna speciosa, there are different strains named for the color of the central vein on the leaf. And while the difference in color is certainly stark, the distinctions don’t end there.

Red Kratom

The more prevalent kratom strains are derived from red-veined leaves. Red kratom, such as Red Maeng Da Kratom, is sought after both for its pain relief and sedative properties.

The pain relief of effects make red kratom popular with both those looking for an alternative to pharmaceutical pain killers and those searching for relief from opium withdrawals.

In addition, red kratom users often report feeling more relaxed and calm. These properties have made red kratom also popular as a sleep aid.

Green Kratom

Derived from green-veined kratom leaves, green kratom strains such as Green Maeng Da are valued as euphoric energy boosters.

More mild than red kratom, green strains can often be effective pain reducers without the sedative and lethargic effects of red strains. But they are most popular as energetic mood enhancers.

Users of green kratom report feeling more focused and happy along with a mild energy boost. These properties make green kratom a popular choice for those with social anxiety.

So…Red or Green?

While the above descriptions are generally true, there are many different strains of both red and green kratom, all exhibiting different properties with varying effects. Depending on your needs red or green could be more suitable or perhaps even a mixture of the two. The only way to know for sure is try them out for yourself, using the information above as basic guidelines.