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CNN Asks If Kratom Can Fix America’s Opioid Problem

Usually when kratom is being covered by the national media in the United States, it’s a factually inaccurate, fear-mongering piece meant to scare Americans away from the misunderstood herb. But as the nation falls further and further into an opioid crisis, the media is starting to come around to the fact that kratom can be a miracle solution.

Kratom has been used for centuries not just to control pain, but also to help those suffering from opium withdrawals. With about 1.9 million opioid addicts in the US, kratom should be heralded as a panacea. Instead, it’s constantly vilified. What’s the problem?

CNN has abandoned the false narrative of the US government and many media outlets and recently highlighted the benefits of kratom in the midst of the opioid crisis. The short but informative segment promoted positive stories of opioid addicts who used kratom to curb withdrawals while exposing the lies surrounding kratom and the dollar-chasing pharmaceutical industry that wants nothing to do with the unpatentable, natural plant.